The Urban Land Institute’s Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) pulls together commercial real estate industry experts to analyze a redevelopment project and make recommendations for the future. Over the summer of 2015, Fort McPherson was the focus of the team’s intensive work and collaboration, which resulted in this report report.

Major highlights of the report include:

  • A detailed SWOT analysis on Fort Mac LRA’s 145 acres
  • A recommendation that Fort Mac LRA should serve as master developer, seeking development partners to take on portions of redevelopment
  • Suggested rebranding and renaming process for the property
  • A plan for the 145 acres to be divided into districts: historic village, community garden, production supported retail, wellness or office campus, Lee Street retail, Campbellton Road mixed-use

Our Board of Directors and Community Engagement Subcommittee are currently reviewing the report in order to provide feedback on its recommendations. Our newly formed Development Committee will also conduct a review. We’d like as much feedback as possible on the report, and invite all stakeholders and community members to provide their input. It can be sent to

Fort Mac LRA has not yet determined if or how we will implement each of the recommendations in the report. We look forward to collaborating with our Board, community members and others to make these decisions, and incorporate this expertise into our Livable Centers Initiative study.

Fort Mac LRA is grateful to GA Power Co. for sponsoring our involvement in the Urban Land Institute’s Technical Assistance Panel (TAP).