Fort Mac LRA has recently had the opportunity to participate in two important industry events that impact our redevelopment efforts.

First, we co-hosted the annual Association of Defense Communities Installation Reuse 2016 conference with Fort Gillem. Since the latest Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) in 2005, communities faced with reusing closed bases have gathered to share insights and tough lessons, and learn from each other to overcome their challenges. Representatives from communities in about 50 cities around the nation visited Atlanta to attend this year’s gathering. It was enlightening and encouraging to see the progress that Fort Mac LRA has made through the eyes of these visitors. Many of our peers in this space are impressed with the way we here in Atlanta have pressed forward and achieved milestones in redevelopment. It was a thrill to share Atlanta’s and Fort Mac LRA’s can-do redevelopment spirit with the nearly 160 attendees at this conference.

The following week, our executive director attended the Urban Land Institute’s annual Fall Meeting in Dallas. This conference is a gathering of professionals in the development and redevelopment fields from around the world. We learned a great deal about current best practices in redevelopment as well as what the future will hold. We’re excited to apply this knowledge as we work with partners to design and develop the future Fort Mac. Some of the new technology is thrilling, and with this new knowledge we can ensure our built environment is equipped for such innovations. This could be as subtle as designing driveways and parking lots to easily accommodate ride sharing and delivery services. Or, it could be significant, like engineering our infrastructure to handle automated vehicles. The future Fort Mac will be on the leading edge as these technologies shift the ways we develop communities.