Fort McPherson’s legendary Marshall Hall represents prime opportunity for businesses – such as technology companies and data centers – that require support for mission-critical operations. The 347,763 square foot office building could be converted for one tenant or several that could benefit from its superior security and “disaster proof” structure. When in operation for the U.S. Army, the Marshall Building experienced a rich history.

Did you know that FORSCOM:

  1. has quite a few nicknames and references: Marshall Hall. Building 200. The “FORSCOM” Building. Perhaps most notably, this impressive facility earned the nickname “Pentagon of the South” after all Army operations were transferred here from the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. following the September 11 attacks.
  2. was designed by Philadelphia architects Vincent Cling & Associates, and was modeled after the 3M Company headquarters building in Minnesota.
  3. is the largest building at Fort McPherson, with 347,763 square foot of space across three floors that contain a raised flooring system. The building is primarily a cast-in – place concrete structure.
  4. is rumored to have escape tunnels leading away from the facility. This mystery has yet to be solved!
  5. was designed in the 1980s, prior to desktop computers, with superior tech infrastructure to facilitate fast, secure communications, and houses mission-critical, “disaster-proof” facilities, and was opened in 1989, with a ceremony to dedicate Marshall Hall.
  6. disaster-proof features include the upper floors that are designed to collapse to first floor level, with first floor reinforced to contain everything in the war room and tech control area. This is designed to protect computers, and permit continuous inner communication between generals and outside world, and is still operational if Atlanta were victim of a disaster of any kind.
  7. featured early design for two large mainframe computers, comprised of buildings lined up with terminals at every work station. Around 1985, however, the design had to be refabricated to account for individuals all having computers at their desks.
  8. housed the US Army Forces Command “FORSCOM” headquarters from 1987 to 2011. FORSCOM was founded in 1974 and remains the largest command in the U.S. Army and the Army’s Force Provider to combatant commanders worldwide. FORSCOM combines the contributions of more than 750,000 Army National Guard, Army Reserve and active component Soldiers with those of more than 2,400 Army civilians to form a seamless, winning force that operates as a team across services, components and units. FORSCOM provides relevant and ready land power worldwide, in defense of the nation, at home and abroad.

What other history and mysteries are left to be told about Fort McPherson’s largest building? What does the future hold for this awe-inspiring work of architectural expertise? The building is currently available for lease and offers a variety of conversion opportunities for future tenants.