Name: Tiffany Charesse
Facebook: tiffanycharesseart
IG: tiffanycharesse

What is your relationship to Fort Mac?

Fort Mac is very dear to me and my family. My father was in the military, so we went there to shop for groceries, we hit the PX for school clothes, and the bowling alley for some good ol’ fashioned family fun. Additionally, I got my first job at the Commissary bagging groceries when I was just a teen! The team I worked with there was a great crew, and we still keep in touch. Fort Mac = good times and good memories.

What excites you most about the redevelopment of Fort Mac?

The rejuvenation itself is exciting because it will bring a new spirit to the community. I remember the old Fort Mac when it was thriving and alive, so to also see it diminish into a vacant ghost town was devastating for all military families and employees that worked on base. I believe the plans for a live, work, shop and play community will make great use of the property and bring rewards for all.

What would you most like to see happen with the redevelopment of Fort Mac?

I’d love to see more on-going opportunities to bring whole family out to community events and activities. I’m excited to hear that there will be a large event area as well as a public park!

From your experience, what has the response from the community been?

It seems like Fort Mac is aiming to cultivate an exciting creative scene with the Tyler Perry Studios being right there and also what has been happening with the Artlanta events. I’ve read about plans for a civic center for teens as well. That’s exciting for me because I’m an artist and creative myself. I work in the education field and believe the community and the youth with thrive with access to various creative outlets.

For those who are not as engaged as you are, is there anything you would encourage them to do? Anything you’d like for them to know?

Those looking for job options or to volunteer should definitely stay connected to the progress of Fort Mac’s redevelopment. The plans include lots of retail, office and medical spaces, so there will be a host of opportunities in the forecast!