On Friday, Oct. 6, 2017, Stephen Macauley gave opening remarks to a crowded room full of stakeholders intent on bringing the Master Planning Process to a productive head. The three-day working session kicked off with Executive Director Brian Hooker describing Fort Mac LRA’s goals and Fort Mac LRA as a catalyst for the Southside of the City, followed by a host of experts who shared perspective on important factors and implications that will play a role in the future of the redevelopment project, including:

  • Presentation of a Survey by Blue Landworks and Taylor Anderson, including drainage and any storm water management
  • Scott M – Concepts of scale, block dimensions, site constraints, etc.
  • Presentation of preservation issues and inventory of buildings to be renovated, including a presentation of the Georgia Trust’s initial opinions
  • Hooker discussed the process of engaging the community to this point and going forward, and described what the conceptual plan must cover
  • City Council Member and long-time advocate for the redevelopment of Fort McPherson, Joyce Sheperd, shared views on process and helped articulate a vision for Fort Mac LRA’s role as a catalyst for Southside
  • Macauley and Merrill on program, parking, relationship to Lee Street, models for commercial center
  • Kimley Horn representatives Bob Vance and Rob Ross presented traffic issues, including best points of access and traffic permit issues, GDOT issues

The group discussed the primary road network and secondary streets, the total developable area and what types of layouts all of those might create together. The discussion continued to cover how people will access different parts of the property, what the commercial center may look like, a bike path, and public programs. Conversation turned to an open design session with the planning team to cover basic framework.

At the conclusion of the three-day session, the team gathered to review progress and problems; identify any additional resources needed, and lay out a schedule and list of drawings for the end-of-year conceptual master plan.


In addition to presenters, meeting participants included:

Greg Floyd and Ron Kirkpatrick of MARTA

Tim Keane, City of Atlanta Department of City Planning

Ed McBrayer and Greta deMayo, PATH Foundation

Tom Weyandt / Fort Mac LRA Board

Sondra Rhodes Johnson, Fort Mac LRA Board and City of East Point

Scott Samples, Tyler Perry Studios

Tom & Scott of Retail Site Services

Next Steps:

Together with Macauley, we will present a master plan to our community in the near future. Stay tuned for more opportunities to share your feedback on plans and more.