On January 24, 2018, Fort Mac LRA and Macauley Investments presented a sneak peek at the master plan currently in development to the Community Engagement Subcommittee (CES), wherein they shared strong, positive response and useful feedback on the plan at the meeting and in an online survey. That input is being evaluated and considered as details of the plan are finalized.

The emphasis on affordable housing & shopping is the source of excitement by many surveyed, as well as the idea of a “town center” at Fort Mac. There was quite a bit of useful feedback regarding the mix of housing, housing affordability, as well as the preservation of historic buildings. Here are highlights of comments made by the participants noting some things about which they were most excited:

  • “I would invest in a second home and business space in this development. I can see the potential for growth and profitability. I began investing in the area as a native of SW ATL long before the Ft Mac redevelopment plans. This development is worth further investment.”
  • “This appears to be inclusive of a diverse community.”
  • “The live, work, play environment is what it excites me moving forward however, Ft. McPherson is my birthplace and where I have traded ground for most of my adult life as well. Therefore, the historical aspect is dear and sentimental to my heart!”
  • “The walkability excites me.”
  • “Extremely grateful and super excited about the direction and tentative plans. This is great for the community and economy. The impact and bottom line is worth it the journey.”
  • “It is very much invited and needed. This will be beautiful and deserving. Everyone benefits from this growth.”
  • “I live in Sylvan Hills and this type of development would definitely be a place I visit often. There isn’t too much around Sylvan Hills as far as good sit-down restaurants. I’m very eager to see the food market place.”
  • “Good community engagement process. How are decisions being made about job selection/site programming?”

We also have heard some requests and recommendations that we are taking into account. While not every request can make it into the final master plan, we value the community’s input and are grateful for the strong level of engagement the community has invested in bringing this plan to life. Some of the requests and suggestions posed by survey participants include:

  • “It shows that there is a serious nature to the progress of using the property for the benefit of MANY but not all. I would like to see more senior livable areas within the plan as well.”
  • “Want to know more about low-income housing or other action taken by the LRA to address the needs of renter residents who may soon be priced out of the area.”
  • “The area desperately needs commercial. However, where is support for lower income residents?”
  • “As I contemplate children in the next couple of years, I like that a school will be close by.”
  • “As a new resident in Capitol View, I love the idea of an amazing school. I’d love Soul Cycle!”
  • “I would like to be sure that there is access from Lee St and the Oakland City station so that people can walk from Capitol View east of the tracks.”
  • “Some enhancements could be 1. a small movie theater, 2. a central green space or park and multiple greens spaces for picnics and outdoor activities where live music or outdoor movies can be shown, 3. Dog park 4. Hair salon, barbershop 5. Lounge.”
  • “The planned presentation was heavy on real estate and very light on holistic impact on the community. Audience questions had to extract the vision/plans for how job creation and civic engagement fit in. So far, I’ve heard nothing about the business community or business development plans to feed the live-work-play dynamics. Sustainability is what was/is missing in the conversation. Intro ideas on this would have been appreciated, even if a complete thought on the subject has not been formulated.”