For more than 125 years, Fort McPherson served the U.S. Army. Since its closure in 2011, the base has continued to hold a place in the hearts of former residents and workers. As the vision for a mixed-use community at Fort Mac takes shape, Fort Mac LRA is pleased to continue to support the Army and its service members, who sacrifice to keep America safe and strong.

On March 20th and 22nd, Fort Mac welcomed the Army’s 335th Signal Command (Theater) on-site to conduct training on their new equipment.

Training was for the new Trail Mounted Support System (TMSS), which is a portable Tactical Command Post Tent.  This command center will be used in the field to brief Generals, their staff, and to perform network monitoring.

If deployed, the TMSS would be used as Mission Command to manage the battle.  Additional smaller tents can also be attached to the main tent for other departments within the army (i.e., Admin, Legal, etc.).

The Army is scheduled to return to Fort Mac from April 30th through May 6th to train approximately 100 soldiers on the new equipment.