Zoning Updates for Fort McPherson to Be Presented at Upcoming NPU Meetings

The Atlanta City Council will soon vote on changing the zoning for Fort Mac to support the vision that has been shaped for the redevelopment by the community through Community Engagement Subcommittee, Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) plan, the Master Planning process, and beyond. Based on that community input, Fort Mac realized a need for rezoning as a Special Public Interest 2 (SPI-2) District to sync up with the LCI plan in order to most successfully deliver on the community’s shared vision.

The SPI-2 zoning legislation is built around the LRA/Macauley Master Plan, which is based off of the LCI study. On August 22, the LRA Community Engagement Subcommittee is hosting a detailed presentation of the master plan to allow the community to better understand how plan itself drives the SPI-2 legislation.  Members of the community are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm to learn more how the SPI-2 legislation will support future opportunities.

The intent of the Council in establishing Fort Mac as an SPI-2 zoning district is as follows:

  1. Preserve, protect and foster the redevelopment of Fort McPherson through the integration of transportation and land planning in a way that balances local, regional, and state economic benefits;
  2. Preserve and protect Fort McPherson’s historic buildings and sites as recognized by the inclusion of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, and to appropriately integrate them into the revitalization and redevelopment of the property;
  3. Encourage the development of housing that provides a range of opportunities for citizens within the District;
  4. Encourage a compatible mixture of residential, commercial, office, industrial, cultural and recreational uses;
  5. Create an urban environment in which people can live, work, meet and play;
  6. Promote pedestrian safety by providing for pleasant and convenient sidewalk-level pedestrian circulation that minimizes impediments by vehicles;
  7. Encourage the use of MARTA and other public transit facilities; and
  8. Enhance the efficient utilization of accessible and sufficient parking facilities in an unobtrusive manner, including encouraging shared parking and alternative modes of transportation.

Fort Mac LRA is presenting to NPUs to engage community members in the conversation regarding rezoning. All are encouraged to participate:

  • NPU R – Sept. 5, Oct. 3
  • NPU X – Sept. 10, Oct. 8
  • NPU S –  Sept. 20, Oct. 18

See below to learn more about this rezoning:


Ordinance 1

Ordinance 2

Zoning Committee Agenda

Scope of Provisions


We are optimistic that Fort Mac will be rezoned to receive SPI-2 “Special Public Interest District” Zoning and encourage you to let your local government and community leaders know you support this rezoning.