A special Community Engagement Subcommittee meeting was called on Sept. 12 to share updates on supportive and transitional housing at Fort Mac as a part of the former Army base’s HUD commitment. Councilmember Joyce Sheperd and Fort Mac LRA Executive Director Brian Hooker gave brief updates and introductions to the speakers for the evening, including:

Attendees were shown the buildings at Fort Mac where the transitional and supportive housing is slated to be developed, after which they also enjoyed a tour of the Three Keys Phoenix house and tours of Housing Tonight facilities are pending.

Members of the CES and the community expressed support for the plans based on their positive experiences with these organizations in other parts of the city. As Fort Mac moves forward with plans to implement transitional and supportive housing for former veterans and others in need of extra support to live successful, quality lives, we are excited about what these programs have accomplished elsewhere – and enthusiastic about what the future holds at Fort Mac. Learn more about housing plans at Fort Mac here.