Please Join the Walking Audit: Saturday, March 9 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Fort Mac LRA welcomes Pond as they begin the next step to supporting the redevelopment of the Fort Mac Property.  Pond’s team of professionals along with The Collaborative Firm will work with the community to conduct a Connectivity and Access Study on behalf of Fort Mac LRA as they continue to lead the effort in bringing necessary reinvestment to the area and surrounding communities.

“Fort Mac LRA is committed to ensuring the community has a voice in the decision-making process for the redevelopment,” said Fort Mac LRA Executive Director Brian Hooker.“The Connectivity and Access Study will engage the community to collect necessary data to help understand and identify initiatives that could better connect the planned redevelopment.”

The goal of the Connectivity and Access Study is to help the Fort Mac LRA to understand and identify initiatives that could offer the community improved connectivity within the planned redevelopment.   The Connectivity and Access Study will work closely with the community, so they will have a voice in the decision-making process.  The Pond Team will connect with residents and key stakeholders through neighborhood associations and local community associations. They will conduct surveys to assess how citizens currently travel around the area and what types of improvements would they like to see as Fort Mac is redeveloped.  Staff will conduct walking audits with community members to view current connectivity conditions between Fort Mac and the two MARTA Stations that serve the area.

When the Connectivity and Access Studyis complete, the information will serve as a useful tool for the future because the data collected will allow the Fort Mac LRA to:

  • Create project recommendations that can compete for various regional funding sources
  • Develop a strategy to create useful connections along Campbellton Road that will improve accessibility with the community
  • Identify feasible bicycle and pedestrian connections between the Fort Mac Development and both the Lakewood-Fort MacPherson and Oakland City MARTA Stations
  • Identify ways to provide safe and convenient access between the Fort Mac area and the future cycle track on US 29/Lee Street.

The Pond Team will work with the community in February and March.  They will complete their technical analysis and concept development in April and return to the community to share their findings in May.  The final Executive Summary Report with Conceptual Layouts for Street and Connectivity Options in anticipated to be submitted to the Fort Mac LRA by June 2019.

For questions about the Study, or to be involved in the discussion please contact:

Torri Hill
Manager, Marketing and Community Outreach
The Collaborative Firm