Fort Mac Kicks Off Financial Literacy Series: The Tax Preparedness & Preparation workshop

On Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, the Fort Mac Financial Literacy Series kicked off with a Tax Preparedness & Preparation workshop. Hosted by ARTlanta at the Stained Gallery and presented by financial planning expert Esohe Galbreath, members of the community received an engaging and informative session that helped those in creative / self-employed industries with questions on managing the financial aspect of their businesses.

In addition to giving basic guidance on steps such as maintaining receipts for purchases for write-offs, visiting the IRS site for information on past returns, etc., she answered questions from participants regarding tax preparedness in a friendly, judgment-free environment that helped participants receive clarity on complex and sometimes confusing concepts. She also provided a number of useful resources and follow up for those who signed up for additional information.

Check back for details on future programs from the Fort Mac Financial Literacy Series.

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